Prof. Qurban Ali Awan

Chief Executive

Mrs. Farah Naz

Director Academics

M.Phil (Sociology) , Ph.D. Scholar

What We Offer

The purpose of Establishing Lyallpur Institute of Advance Studies (LIAS) is to contribute in strengthning of social and cultural environment by providing more responsible for the social as well as cultural fabric of the society through imparting of quality education. I expect that student of this institute will play an important role in social system of the country by performing their responsibilities. It covers an area of forty kanals of land having provision for future expansion. Infrastructure provided in its campus is of the standard prescribed for an institution of higher learning in Pakistan. Its management is committed for providing all facilities to its students which are required for better learning at an advanced level.


LIAS college of pharmacy is affiliated with University of The Punjab for Pharm.D. program.

The Campus

LIAS campus is on 40 Kanals including lush green lawns and consisting of environment conducive for better learning.

Qualified Faculty

LIAS has highly qualified experienced faculty for pro grooming of its students in professional perspective.

Regular Classes

Regular Classes from monday to saturday in a week.

well equipped labs

Search Results Featured snippet from the web Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered.

Research Journals

LIAS library is enriched with leading foreign / international research journals in the field of advance Science technologies.

College Transport

campus will provide transport facility to its students on demand.

Sports Facilities

A variety of sports facilities including cricket, hockey, football, and athletics are available for students.


Separate hostel accommodation is available for both male and female students.

Workshop & Seminars

A seminar may be for the purpose of education, such as a lecture, where the participants engage in the discussion of an academic subject for the aim of gaining a better insight into the subject.

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Tour de Islamabad/Muree

An educational tour is a part of the academic experience in most schools and colleges. Such tours help students to understand first hand knowledge about various subjects.

Sports Gala 2020

Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the students and develop their team spirit. It helps students to develop mental and physical toughness. These days sports are an integral part of the education.

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An event is something that happens, especially when it is unusual or important. You can use events to describe all the things that are happening in a particular situation.

Qualified Faculty

LIAS has highly qualified and experienced faculty for pro grooming of its students in professional perspective.

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The library has abundant collection, magnificent architecture and pleasant environment. The collection of the library will grow up within short span of time regarding various aspects of legal education, social sciences and humanities, At present, the library has a huge volume of various books.

IT Lab

LIAS is in initial years of its life. To provide various IT facilities including networking, web email services, E-bray access, video conferencing service, resource sharing over the LAN and high speed dedicated internet connectivity to computer labs etc is the top priority of the college management.

Airy Class Rooms

LIAS has good Airy classrooms to make it a better place to learn. Classroom climate refers to the prevailing mood, attitudes, standards, and tone that you and your students feel when they are in your classroom.

Well Equiped Labs

LIAS has huge Labs that are well equipped with world class equipments and facilities based on the latest technology pertaining to different sectors.


LIAS has hostel facility for residence, accommodating more than 50 students. It is the only institute in Faisalabad which can provide hostel facility to the students who will apply for residence.

Grassy Lawns

Grass not only removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but it also traps dust to keep it out of both the air and your lungs. Less dust blowing around means a clean freshing atmosphere, LIAS is very concerned about its atmosphere.

Sports grounds

LIAS has adequate sports facilities and infrastructure on its campus. Such as, grass track, cricket, football, hockey and handball grounds. Besides this, a table tennis hall, badminton and volleyball courts.

Girls Common Room

To facilitate our female students, the Campus has established a spacious and comfortable common room. This space has been designed to give female students a place to relax, study, have informal discussions in free time available.

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